About us



Our Leonbergers' expert opinion:

"Our story starts in 2000 when our owners added their first Leonberger Zoë van 't Sileonhome, into their family.

In 2006, their dream came true: Zoë Van 't Sileonhome had puppies from Dario Ensson Bohemia. Thus, Fée and Fileon van 't Drongengoedbos were born on 20 August.

On 30 May 2010 Fée becomes her puppies from the Swiss dog Gershwin of Easy Hope: the Leo-quartet : Jeff, Joy, Johanna and Jolissima van 't Drongengoedbos.

On 25 June 2013 Johanna becomes her puppies from the German dog Jökull Löwe von Walhall : 3 male dogs and 6 bitches. Of this Maud and Marronne van 't Drongengoedbos stay with us.

We live as real family-dogs with our owners in the Flemish Ardenne."



Two-legged owners Ann and Gerard's opinion:

"We have always been passionate about dogs.

We have been members of the Belgian Leonberger club since 2000, when we acquired our first Leonberger.

In 2006, we both achieved a certificate for breeding LOSH dogs at the Sint Hubertus Royal Society.

We feel proper and consistent training to be the most important, but we also spend a lot of attention on healthy nutrition: our dogs are given self prepared natural food every day. This does not imply that we are against good quality dried pellets or such....

They have always been passionate about Leonbergers either:
☼ 23 year old daughter Elise, bachelor in nursing studies, currently busy with her BaNaBa "Intensive Care and Urgency". She is the appointed photographer, has unbelievable patience and love for puppies and helps handling our dogs ...
♘ 25 year old son Michiel, blacksmith. He's the best playmate of our Leonbergers.

In a nutshell:
we are passionate about the Leonberger!




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