M-Litter 2013

Reunion 2014

Now our M-litter is 13 months. On 23/8 Miel, Mister Gust, Myra, Miss Murphy, Maud and Marronne are on our reunion. It was a very nice day !

Thanks for your company !

Johanna van 't Drongengoedbos and Jökull Löwe von Walhall



Our Johanna van 't Drongengoedbos was covered on 27 April 2013 by the German dog, Jökull Löwe von Walhall.

So the puppies will be born end June 2013. We can't wait for Johanna's puppies ...


Jökull Löwe von Walhall :

Jökull passed the German leonberger club tests successfully (Deutscher Club für Leonberger Hunde).  Judgement : large but harmonic dog with a lot of Red Pigment and a lot of type 
Weight : 78 kilograms
Shoulder : 80 cm

born 26/02/2006
DLZB-pedigree (Germany)
HD : A2
complete and well aligned teeth
LPN1 N/N free


Johanna van 't Drongengoedbos :

for all details, refer to : OUR DOGS : JOHANNA




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