the puppies are 1 month

The puppies are growning very fast. Their daily activities : eating a lot, sleeping and playing. They like to play with each other but they are also more and more interested in their little toys.

And Maud is still a very caring mother.

The puppies are 1 week

The puppies are developing very quickly.
Mamma Maud proved to be an extremely caring mother with a lot of patience and self-assured...
On 9 March, mamma Maud and her puppies were examinated by our veterinary and they are all in excellent condition. In the meantime the wolf's clows ware removed.
On the pictures the puppies are just 1 week old.

the puppies are born : 2 males & 9 females

The puppies of our Maud van 't Drongengoedbos and Khaimas' Christmas Nanoq are born. 

male white-blue : 500 gram
male white-yellow : 590 gram

female green : 580 gram
female red : 510 gram
female white : 550 gram
female pink : 560 gram
female purple : 560 gram
female yellow : 600 gram
female white-red : 530 gram
female white-green : 510 gram
female white-purple : 490 gram

Our Maud is expecting puppies!

An ultrasound confirmed what we had already expected : Maud is expecting puppies with Khaimas' Christmas Nanoq.

The birth is expected around 9 march.

Maud & Nanoq

Our Maud van 't Drongengoedbos was covered on 3 January 2016 by the German dog Khaimas' Christmas Nanoq.

So the puppies will be born beginning March 2016.

Khaimas' Christmas Nanoq :

German Champion (Klub)

Nanoq is German Champion (Klub) and passed the German leonberger club tests successfully (Deutscher Club für Leonberger Hunde) Judgement : very strong with strong bones :"sehr kräftiger knochenstarker löwengelber Rüde"

born 18/12/2011 - DLZB-pedigree (Germany) - HD : A1 - ED O - OCD free - complete sciccorbite - LPN 1+2 : N/N free - DNA-card

Maud van 't Drongengoedbos :

Belgian Youth Champion - Champion de Luxembourg - LCB Queen of the Ring 2015 - LCB Royal 2015

Maud becomes excellent results on dogshows and became recently on the Eurodogshow BOB with as comment :"elegant bitch with beautiful type".

born 25/06/2013 - LOSH-pedigree - HD : B - complete sciccorbite - LPN 1+2 : N/N free - DNA-card - eyes free of cataract, glaucom, entropion and ectropion

pictures and more info : see "our dogs", "Maud"


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